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Welcome dear donors!

Behind Pödelwitz hat Zukunft is voluntary commitment, enthusiasm, energy and pleasure in the matter. Unfortunately, we can't get by without financial resources either. Fortunately, our projects are supported by funding. Even with funded projects, we always have to bear a percentage of the costs ourselves, the so-called own funds. We use all funds for the intended purpose and sparingly.

You want to support us?

We would be very happy if you support us with your donation! This way we can continue to raise the respective own funds for all projects.

Vorerst kannst du leider nur per Überweisung auf unser Konto spenden:

Kontoinhaber*in: Pödelwitz hat Zukunft e. V.
Geldinstitut: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE78430609671276464900
Purpose: Donation Pödelwitz hat Zukunft (+ name and address)

Further donation options are in preparation.
Donations to us are tax-deductible. As a donor, we will send you a confirmation of donation recognised by the tax office in February for the previous year. Please state your address in the reason for payment.

Thank you very much!